Professional Color Launch

St Martins Hotel London

Agency: Talk PR

Talk PR contacted me about illustrating bespoke pieces for the launch of a new Wella range.

The launch at St Martins Lane hotel, was for the beauty press elite journalists, from Vogue to Red Magazine.

For each of the ladies coming to the dinner, I created one off pieces of their initials, which I framed, signed and embossed with my artists mark.

On the night, I met each of the journalists to chat, I was drawing live at the event, and strangely a number said that the initials had some form of representation of their personalities! An illustrative sixth sense perhaps...

I also created for Wella a unique poster for the event, playing with the identity somewhat in my styling.

Brompton Bicycle

Limited Edition bike design

Agency: Brompton Bicycle

I had hand illustrated onto 2 bikes for Brompton which were given to the winners of the Brompton World Championships. On the back of this, Brompton asked me to work with them on a unique Limited Edition Vic Lee bicycle. I illustrted pieces for the main frame and the Brompton logo, the bike was then hand made using the best parts for a stunning black bike.

Each bike - an edition of just 500 - had its own serial number, these came with a hand pulled print which i did myself, the number of the print corresponding to the serial number of the bicycle. You also got a special Vic Lee design bag.

A complete package indeed.

The Famous Grouse

Limited Edition Whisky

This was one of those really really lovely jobs to do. Commissioned through Soho Square, part of the Coley Porter Bell establishment for The Famous Grouse.

I was given the task of creating a pack and bottle illustration for their first artist collaboration series. The whisky, a 16 year old special blend, (which tastes amazing!) was produced as a very limited edition whisky globally, with a price to match.

I created a wraparound of the Grouse in flight, in it’s natural environment, with typographic embellishments for the box. For the bottle, I illustrated a stylised Grouse in my penwork.

For marketing and for the launch, I was asked to take part in live illustration events. The first in Amsterdam at The Global Conference, the second in Athens at a Ted X event and the third for Edrington Netherlands, illustrating answers to the question “What would you like to be Famous for?”

Each answer was freehand illustrated to bespoke pieces of artworks.

A JOY of a project!

Atkin Guitars Collaboration

London/ Kent

So you have this guy Alister at Atkin Guitars handmaking these stunning guitars, and you add some Vic Lee spice and you end up with some stunning ‘tattooed’ instruments.

These little beauties were created for an album cover for Mark Nevin, his latest release, Beautiful Guitars.

Atkin Guitars and myself got together as a bit of an experimental collaboration to produce bespoke completely individual and beautifully crafted guitars. We are now working together on high end beautiful artistic acoustic delightfullness!


Marks & Spencers

Craft Beers

I have done quite a lot of work for Marks & Spencers - having created 2 murals at their offices in Manchester and London.

They contacted me to create some sweet illustrations to go onto the labels for invited British beer and ale makers.

I was given a breakdown of the flavours and where the breweries are, what they go well with and left to create some simple, elegant designs that reflected each one.

These designs have been created over a period of months as new craft beers have been introduced.

The plus side to this is that every beer tastes amazing!

Strictly research....

Mr Jones Watchmakers

Limited Edition watch

Sometimes a little job comes in that is just too nice to pass up. Mr Jones - esteemed watchmaker of watches that are traditional but with interest, came to see me to work on a collaboration of a limited edition watch.

The face of the watch is elaborate and takes on the guise of circus/ theatre / Victorian styling with the numbers represented by their letters.

The centre pice is a moving pattern that creates a kaleidoscope effect - totally hypnotising!

Each watch comes with a print - The Fantastic Exploits, with the number corresponding to the watch number.

This launched as an edition of just 50 watches and sold out in two days!

Mini Book of Inkilisms

My fourth edition book is ready for serious commissioners. Stuffed full of lovely projects in full colour no less! Send me a mail and I will send one out as soon as

Click the book (left) or mail viclee@me.com

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