All work ©Anthony ‘Vic Lee’ Grima 2018

I can film the murals that I make as I go. Below is a sample of timelapse movies shot on location and edited by myself*. Each one is approx 1 - 2 minutes. Touch an image to go to YouTube to play and while away a minute in loveliness.

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> Kindred Design Studio London

> SVEA Sweden Campaign

> Dalziel & Pow Design Studio 10th Anniversary

> The Fammous Grouse

> Hailo Cabs HQ London

> Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse LA

> Bulletproof Design Studio London

> Purestone Design Studio London

> Hailo Cabs HQ London

> Initials Marketing London

> Kindred Design Studio

> Credit Karma Office Charlotte NC

> Property Company HQ London

> Credit Karma HQ San Francisco

> Touch Associates Leatherhead