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I am one of those people who feels comfortable in a live situation. I always ask clients if they commission a mural to have it created in a live working environment, so to do live art at shows and events is much fun. You get to meet some great characters and chat. Plus it’s a massive draw to see someone creating something as you stand and watch. I get a lot of attention for what i do, because it is so elaborate.

So if you have any events acomingup, keep old Vic in mind for some charming banter and delicious linework...

Design Junction Murals

Various Venues London

I have been lucky to be involved with Design Junction Show since 2014. First creating a live mural at the show at The Old Post Office in Holborn - a celebration of coffee in the coffee area...naturally.

The next year the event moved to Victoria House, and a new wall was illustrated live over the 5 days of the show.

2016 saw a new venue, a new home for Design Junction at Granary Square at Kings Cross London. So I decided on a historical journey through Granary Square with hugely detailed elements and some witty charm to boot!

Its always a great event as I get to meet visitors, exhibitors and passers by and chat about the show, areas and my work.

What Design Can Do


Agency: Vic Lee Studio for VBAT

I was shipped over to Amsterdam to do a live mural commissioned by VBAT, the agency at the global conference, What Design Can Do, a socially aware yearly gathering of some of the worlds most influential designers and companies.

VBAT has as a client, the Netherlands oldest beer makers, Brand Bier, and as sponsors to the event, I was asked to create a temporary mural around Brand and an ode to Bier, with many aspects of the companies history weaved into the piece.

This BIG piece was drawn over an intense 3 days and taken down and given to Brand Bier after the event to hang in their HQ.

Urban Impressions


Agency: Creative orchestra

Metro Newspapers put on a special three day event in London’s Soho, organised by Creative Orchestra and Plain Jane. A 5 floor townhouse was taken over with different experiences on each floor, a cinema, live art, music and a rooftop experential garden.

My mural was a live draw, with visitors giving me a single word for the highs and lows of living in the city. these were then freestyle illustrated to the wall, with each given it’s own personality. The piece grew and grew over the three day period, forming a bespoke backdrop to the bar and cafe area.

Retail Expo London

For Whiteroom Design

Created live over two days, this is a shout out to the design agency Whiteroom on their stand at Retail Expo Olympia in London.

Showing who they are through words and little hidden illustrations, this piece became a crowd pleaser and Whiteroom bagged a whole lot of interest from some fine and dandy visitors.

Finished on MDF - this piece now hangs proudly in the centre of their studios in Warwick!

Maison & Objet Paris

For Blackbody Oled

This was a fun one day event at Maison & Objet in Paris for the superior lighting company Blackbody Oled. One of their wee lights is this chicken type fellow called Best Before. So for the event I illustrated to three of the lights which were on display and this canvas was finished live as visitors arrived.

Huddle London

At Mindshare

I had been working with Metro Newspapers on some other projects, so when they asked me to come in for a days event at the annual Huddle meet at Mindshare, I was there.

The theme of this piece was “What inspires you about the City?” With answers written on post it notes that I then added to the final canvas piece each with their own identity.

Communication Summit

For BlackSun in Brussels

This was a big piece prestarted in London and finished over two days for BlackSun Communication at a conference in Brussels.

The theme was the 5 stages of BlackSuns strategy and little factual snippets.

The final piece ending up on display in their studio!

The Famous Grouse

Various Locations

One of my favourite clients! Edrington, a true family orientated company, with a great eye for uniqueness.

After working on the liited edition Famous Grouse packaging, the company got me involved with different events around Europe, creating bespoke pieces of work for each event and interacting with visitors and attendees.

With the theme “What would you like to be Famous for?” I took the answers given and placed them on the final pieces I created. Very ornate and great fun - some of the answers were superb... The first person to ride a cloud....

Amsterdam Global Conference

Ted X Athens

Brand Launch Cannes

Mini Book of Inkilisms

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