I am a wordsmith, a mapmaker, a typographer, ragamuffin and freestyler. What I do makes me smile, and I am fortunate to be asked to do what

I do for all and sundry, from the smallest personal piece to huge scale works.

Clients (some of them...)

Email me for thoughts, projects, ideas and dreams          viclee@me.com

You can also wag your chin over telecommunications     07957638879

For meets and coffee - Peckham is the place

I spent 20 years as a professional graphic designer freelancing across London and have worked on major branding, interior and retail design projects with some of the leading design agencies in the world.

I have taken what I know as a graphic designer and incorporated that into my love of illustration. Its a happy combination. My clients come through recommendations and through connections in the industry. I am a sort of rumour. I don’t crave awards or accolades, just to do a fantastic job for the clients I work with. That may be why I have such a great client list!

I absolutely love what I do, it’s not a job, it’s a way of life. So when I get a client come to me and to work on a project - it’s all worthwhile. Which is why I give 100%.

Pure unadulterated delicious illustration - no additives.

Mini Book of Inkilisms

My fourth edition book is ready for serious commissioners. Stuffed full of lovely projects in full colour no less! Send me a mail and I will send one out as soon as

Click the book (left) or mail viclee@me.com

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